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Join us for Swedish Days 2011!

Geneva’s Swedish Days are right around the corner! Make sure to stop by FVJN’s booth and grab a veggie burger! If you’d like to volunteer, please click here for the booth schedule and for more information: http://www.fvjn.org/2011-swedish-days/

Masa Israel Journey

Masa Israel’s Midwest Regional Director Aimee Weiss serves as a resource in finding the right program for the Jewish young adult in your life. Masa Israel Journey connects Jewish young adults to gap year, study abroad, post-college, and volunteer programs in Israel. With over 10,000 participants each year, no other organization makes it easier for […]

Natural Jewish Parenting

Natural Jewish Parenting is an on-line site that covers all aspects of the Jewish family experience, and reflects a holistic approach to parenting and health. It is maintained by Yael Resnick, mother of five, who was looking for parenting information that was geared to Jewish families. When she could not find good information, she started this […]

Short Jewish Federation Community Survey

Ensuring that all community members have the opportunity to actively participate and be engaged in community life is a core value of Judaism.  For individuals with physical, intellectual or mental disabilities, this can be challenging and require additional communal support. In order to better understand the need in our community for services for Jewish community […]

Adopt a Jewish Child

Jewish Children’s Adoption Network (JCAN) is trying to find Jewish adoptive homes for several Jewish children whose biological families are not able to parent them. If you are interested, or are aware of someone who may be interested, in learning more, please email jcan@qwestoffice.net or call 303-573-8113.