Fox Valley Jewish Neighbors

CELEBRATING OUR 10TH ANNIVERSARY enriching lives & enhancing connections of our diverse Kane County Jewish community

Is Fox Valley Jewish Jewish Neighbors Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform?

We are all of the above, and at the same time none of the above, because FVJN is, above all else, inclusive. Our members come from all sectors of Judaism, and we have no affiliation with any of them because we want everyone to feel comfortable being a part of FVJN.

I’m Jewish but my spouse is not. Can we both come to events?

Definitely! We welcome mixed-faith couples. In fact, more than half of our membership consists of one adult who is Jewish and one who is not.

Do you have a Synagogue?

No, we do not. Census figures show that there are over 4000 Jewish people in Kane County, and there no doubt will be one here someday. Many members of FVJN are actively interested in starting a Synagogue and are researching various alternatives. If you would like to help in these efforts, e-mail us; we’ll be grateful for your help.

There are several Synagogues within a 30-45 minute drive from the Tri-Cities, depending on where you live. We have members who belong to all of them, so if you are Synagogue-shopping, we can put you in touch with local people who belong to any of the Synagogues you are considering. You can learn more about each of them by clicking “Local Synagogue Info,” under the “Community” link.

I was brought up Jewish, but I haven’t been observant recently. Will I feel out of place at an FVJN event?

No. Our events are designed mainly to connect Jewish people in the Tri-Cities area with one another. Whatever you consider your level of “Jewishness” to be is not important. What is important is that you want to meet other Jewish people who live nearby.

How many Jewish families are there in the area?

We really don’t know. We have about 400 families on our mailing list, and several more hear about us each year, usually saying, “We thought we were the only ones out here!” So we guess there are at least twice as many as we know about.

Does Fox Valley Jewish Neighbors charge dues?

No, it is supported solely through the voluntary contributions of the people who participate in the events.

If I give money to Fox Valley Jewish Neighbors, is it tax deductible?

Yes! Fox Valley Jewish Neighbors tax-exempt status pursuant to IRS Code Sectioin 501c3.

We suggest that you consult your tax advisor to determine the deductibility of all such donations.

Can I bring my kids with me? I want them to meet other Jewish kids in the area, if there are any.

One of the main reasons behind the founding of Fox Valley Jewish Neighbors was so that our children can see that there are other kids like them. Most of our programs are intended to be family-friendly, so unless a program description says specifically otherwise, kids are most welcome!

What is there for my kids to do?

A lot! We have a vital religious school program, Fox Valley Jewish School (FVJS), for children in PreK through 8th grade. We also offer b’nai mitzvah services. Also, for most Jewish holidays, we have fun craft projects for the kids. For middle and high school kids, we’ve begun FJVN Youth Services, along with social gatherings. In addition, our Shabbat Evenings and the majority of our activities are family-friendly.

If you’d like more information than what is available on this website, have questions, or just want some confirmation that Jewish people DO live in the far-west Suburbs of Chicago, click here: