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Fox Valley Jewish School (FVJS) provides students with a positive Jewish identity, the ability to participate in Jewish life and b’nai (bar or bat) mitzvah preparation, if desired. The program is flexible and designed with the understanding that many of the students are from mixed faith families. There is less emphasis on religious practices and Hebrew and more emphasis on cultural identity.

Classes are offered for children age 3 through teens. All classes meet from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. two Sundays per month at the Fox Valley Jewish Neighbors building in Geneva. A set calendar of class dates will be provided. FVJS also offers students the opportunity to attend special events such as holiday celebrations, services and field trips outside of class time.

Each class will work with several different teachers on a regular basis. The class will spend approximately half of each session with a core teacher. This teacher will cover topics such as ethics, history and culture. The class will also spend time with teachers specializing in music, prayer, art and Hebrew. No Previous formal Jewish education is required for any of the classes.

B’nai Mitzvah Program
Students in grades 6 and up will have the opportunity to prepare for a bar or bat mitzvah. Our goal is to enable the child and family to have an experience that is meaningful to them and also ensures that the child has achieved a level of understanding of Judaism.
Students will have to meet the following requirements:

  • Attend class on a regular basis for a minimum of one academic year;
  • Demonstrate proficiency by helping to lead a Friday night service;
  • Present a research project of Jewish content on a subject of interest to the student.
  • Participate in a tzedakah/community service project of the student’s choosing.

There is no set time table for achieving b’nai mitzvah. Some students may complete all of the requirements by the traditional b’nai mitzvah age of 12 ½ or 13 years. Others may be significantly older. FVJS will work with the family to design a b’nai mitzvah service for the student when he/she is ready.

Hebrew Instruction
All students will be exposed to basic Hebrew in their regular class sessions. Those students desiring more extensive Hebrew instruction may attend additional classes held just before or after regular class sessions.

Annual tuition for all students is $180 prior to August 31, $210 by September 1, and $250 after that date. This fee includes fieldtrips, books and supplies. Their will be an additional charge of $90 for Hebrew classes outside of the regular class sessions.

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  • Annual tuition for all students is $180 prior to August 31, $210 by September 1, and $250 after that date.
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