FVJN eNews July 4, 2012

Mark Your Calendars:
July 13: FVJN Shabbat Evening at Peck Farm    
July 14: FVJN Gardening in Geneva
July 15: FVJN Board Meeting
August 10: Shabbat Evening at Peck Farm
August 11: FVJN Gardening in Geneva
August. 12: FVJN Board Meeting
August 14: FVJN Book Club
August 19: Adult Ed. Movie Club
Aug. 25: FVJN at NIFB
President’s Corner
Happy 4th of July to all! May your day be full of fun, משפחה (family) and community!  
Remember to celebrate next Friday night (July 13th) at Peck Farm with 
your FVJN community Shabbat Evening.  Hope to see you there!
Tammie Weinberger
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