FVJN eNews – March 6, 2013

3/6 — FVJN-to-Lazarus Mitzvah Dinner
3/10 — Adult Social: Movie & Discussion
(*3/10 — Daylight Savings Time!)
3/16 — FVJN Volunteer at NIFB
3/17 — FVJS
3/17 — Board Meeting
3/19 — FVJN Women’s Gathering
(3/25 — Happy Pesach!)
4/3 — FVJN-to-Lazarus Mitzvah Dinner
4/5 — Shabbat Evening
4/9 — Book Club
4/13 — Adult Social Dinner (TBD)
4/21 — FVJS
4/21 — Board Meeting
4/22 — FVJN Fundraiser at McNally’s!
(Download entire 2013 calendar at: http://www.fvjn.org/calendar-of-events/)
President’s Corner
Happy Winter, FVJN’ers!
Well, after a sleepy winter we certainly got a true Illinois snowstorm.  Whether you are cursing it or thrilled to be out making snow forts (or both as happens with me), please take this opportunity to grab a cup of cocoa and read through the great eNews that Rachel so tirelessly puts together!
I want to personally thank all of you who were able to make it to our home this past Friday — it was lovely to share an evening of community, ritual and some singing with you all!  Based on comments, we are thinking that when we are not at Peck Farm in the summer, we should plan to have our first Friday of the month Shabbat Evenings at members’ homes.  If you want to host April, let me know and I’ll help with the cooking!
Please survive this last gasp of winter by coming out to some wonderful FVJN offerings and meeting up with others who are questioning whether that groundhog really got it right!  This coming Sunday we have a movie and discussion for adults, then next Saturday the whole family can get involved in volunteering at the Northern Illinois Food Bank.  On March 19th, FVJN does a throw back to its earlier days (but with some new faces) as the Simon-Sohn family graciously hosts a Women’s Gathering at their home.  Read below for more details on all. 
Before I close and wish you all the warmest of days, I want to thank all our volunteers who make this group what it is!  Tonight FVJN volunteers will be providing food to Lazarus House as we do the first Wednesday of each month.  Please consider adding this mitzvah to your mix of good deeds.  And speaking of good deeds, look for an opportunity soon to combine a night out and fundraising for FVJS’s Scholarship Fund.  Does it get better than combining good deeds with good friends?! 
Everyone please do stay warm, and if any of you are reading from warmer climates, please send that weather our way so the groundhog’s credibility remains intact!
Warmest wishes on a true Illinois winter day,
Find a hidden Hebrew word below, and win a prize! Respond to: rachely@fvjn.org.
Adult Social: Movie & Discussion
Sunday, March 10, 3:30pm-5:30 pm   
Join us as we nosh and visit, view and discuss another interesting Jewish-themed film (come and vote!). Feel free to bring snacks and BYOB, if you like.
Please email nccox@comcast.net to RSVP and for more information. 
FVJN Volunteers at NIFB! (Northern Illinois Food Bank)
Saturday, March 16, 9 to 11 a.m.
FVJN families and individuals: Come lend a hand
at NIFB! 
If you wish to participate, please let Rachel know, ASAP (rachely@fvjn.org). For this session, volunteers can be as young as 8 years of age. If you’ve done this with us before, you know how fun it is, and it’s a terrific way to help our greater community!
FVJN Women’s Gathering (New!)
Tuesday, March 19, 7:30 p.m.
FVJN נשים: come together for friendship and conversation!
Bring your ideas for future gatherings!
Snacks and beverages welcome.
Please RSVP to: rachely@fvjn.org, for location and with any questions.
FVJN- to-Lazarus House Mitzvah Dinners 
First Wednesday of Each Month
Volunteers needed for April 3!
We at FVJN are happy to do the mitzvah of providing dinner for the guests at Lazarus House in St. Charles, on the first Wednesday of each month. 
Volunteers prepare a main dish, a salad or two sides (including vegetables), and a dessert. These meals currently feed 60 to 75 men, women and children at Lazarus House.
Please contact coordinator Lisa Garcia to sign up to volunteer: elenanestela08@comcast.net.
Volunteers are needed for these upcoming dates:
May 1, June 5, July 3
Shabbat Evening
Friday, April 5, 6:30 p.m. 
Join us for a friendly Shabbat Evening, with prayers, a potluck supper, and friendship.
All ages welcome!
Please bring non-meat dishes, only. 
RSVPs requested: Please email rachely@fvjn.org with what you will bring, so we can plan accordingly. Please RSVP asap! 
If your last name begins with:
A – G: Beverages (apple and/or white grape juice), and set-up/clean-up
           (*Please come 15 minutes early and stay 15 minutes after.)
H – N: Main dishes (non-meat)  
O – T: Salads or side dishes 
U – Z: Desserts  
*Please provide your own serving utensils. Paper products will be provided.
FVJN Book Group
Tuesday, April 9, 7 p.m. at FVJN
Please come for a discussion of Twelfth and Race, by Eric Goodman.
Newcomers aways welcome, and no RSVP needed!
Below are the book choices for the rest of the year: 
One More River, by Mary Glickman (Tuesday, June 11th)
The Red Tent, by Anita Diamant (Tuesday, August 13th)
Prague Winter, by Madeleine Albright (Tuesday, October 8th)
Fanny Brice: The Original Funny Girl, by Herbert Goldman (Tuesday, December 10th)
FVJN Fundraiser at McNally’s!
Monday, April 22, 6 – 9 p.m.
Dear Friends:
Fox Valley Jewish Neighbors is hosting its first ever Guest Bartender Night fundraiser to raise funds for our newly established FVJS Scholarship Fund! 
Your help is needed to make it a success! 
Please join us on April 22, from 6 to 9 p.m., at McNally’s Traditional Irish Pub, 109 W. Main Street, St. Charles. 
FVJN will have two of our participants act as bartenders for the evening, who will serve you by pouring drinks behind the bar.
Our Guest Bartenders will be able to raise tips with their wit and amazing engagement of those dining at McNally’s.  However, the Fundraising Committee wishes to maximize our donations.  Therefore, we are planning on holding both 50/50 and prize raffles.
To help us make this event an overwhelming success, we were hoping that our FVJN participants donate suitable prizes for our raffle.  Whether you individually contribute an item or gift certificate, make a basket give-away, or you are a small business owner providing an item your company produces, any product you could donate to us would be much appreciated. Your donated items will help us raise funds to provide scholarships to children of families who might not otherwise be able to attend Fox Valley Jewish School (FVJS), the religious school offered at FVJN.
If you are able to help please e-mail Kimberly Fivelson as soon as possible and let her know what you will be able to donate as a raffle prize: kfivelson@fvjn.org.
Thank you!
FVJN Fundraising Committee
Nancy Cox
Kimberly Fivelson
Tammie Weinberger
Mike Yackley
FVJN Committees!
Welcoming Committee, chaired by Leslie Shambo
Fundraising Committee, chaired by Mike Yackley
These join the list of existing committees:
Fox Valley Jewish School Committee
Social Action Committee
Building Committee
Interested in learning more and getting involved?
Just send an email to info@fvjn.org! 
Jewish FAQ
A Vegetarian Seder Plate?
Vegetarians in the Jewish community have searched for a suitable replacement for the zeroa (shankbone), one of the components of the seder plate. There have been a number of candidates, the most popular being the beet. 
Some suggestions:
1. Two hard eggs. “The logic of this: the bone on the usual plate stands for the Korban Pesach [paschal sacrifice], and the egg for the Korban Hagigah [festival sacrifice].
2. A combination of “dry” barley or wheat (wrapped in plastic wrap) along with olives and grapes. “As vegetarians, in place of the shankbone, we place olives, grapes, and grains of unfermented barley, which symbolize the commandments of compassion for the oppressed, to be found in the Bible. 
3. A beet in place of a zeroa (roasted shank bone). “For vegetarians, who may object to using a lamb bone on the seder plate (as a remembrance of the paschal sacrifice): it is halakhically [legally] acceptable to use a broiled beet as a replacement.” Its blood-red color also reminds us of the Paschal sacrifice. 
Read more at: http://davka.org/why/bejewish/vegeshankbone.html 
Donations Received
From Liza Bachrach: In appreciation for FVJN promoting Ma’ayan BBYO
From Nancy Sohn and family: In memory of Katherine Lato’s sister, Laura Lato Logan