BBYO Connect for Kids!

For Students in Grades 5th – 8th
BBYO Connect!
*Volunteer Parent(s) Needed to Lead Group!
Do you have children in grades 5th – 8th? If yes, would they enjoy the chance to engage in more social activities with their FVJN friends, as well as meet other Jewish teens their age from the area (Elgin to Aurora)?
FVJS/FVJN is looking into starting our own chapter of BBYO Connect, specifically for this age group.


**Visit the Forum at to share your thoughts!


BBYO Connect doesn’t cost any money to join. They sponsor many regional events that all our kids would be invited to attend. If we could grow enough out here, we may even be able to get them to sponsor events in our neighborhoods!


BBYO Connect is the BBYO experience made just for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students (as well as 5th graders, from January on), offering social and meaningful experiences that will serve as a gateway to continued involvement in Jewish life.
The purpose of this group is to provide middle school students with a positive experience in which they can get together with camp, school, and synagogue friends, as well as meet new friends. BBYO Connect allows middle school students to begin experiencing the privileges and obligations of being a member of the Jewish and general communities. Focused on service, social, and Judaic programming, BBYO Connect builds a network of teens across North America at a critical age when middle school students begin to strengthen their identities, form social circles and prepare for high school and beyond.
Visit for more information about this organization!
**This group needs a parent or two for coordinators/advisors. If you are interested, please let us know by emailing Thank you!
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