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FVJN Lazarus House Volunteer Project
Volunteers needed once a month, May thru September!
FVJN individuals and families are needed to provide dinner the first Wednesday of each month to the guests of Lazarus House, a shelter located in St. Charles. Please consider helping with this FVJN Volunteer Project and sign up, now!


What’s involved:
1. Go to Lazarus house some time the week before the first Wednesday of the month and “shop between 9am and 9pm” for donated items. Supplement as needed, OR shop on your own at your own expense.
2. Prepare a dinner meal of your choice that will feed 85 guests.
3.  Deliver the prepared meal to Lazarus House on the Wednesday you signed up for.  The preferred time for drop off is between 6-6:45 p.m., but if needed can be dropped earlier and kept warm in their ovens.  Please specify to staff that your food be for the dinner meal.


*Cook with others!
*Large casseroles as well as stews in large pots are good.
*Do the cooking a bit at a time and/or ahead of time
*Buy big casseroles (e.g. from Costco)
Please RSVP to Bethany, ASAP! bkural73@hotmail.com,630-208-6301
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