President’s Corner

Fox Valley Jewish Neighbors, 


As we welcome spring, especially with weather that foretold its existence for weeks now, I’d like to welcome everyone to our FVJN seder table.  Passover seders, in keeping with the age-old Jewish tradition, are perfect opportunities to open your homes to others.  While these wonderful meals and experiences are often shared with family, we all too often miss the opportunity to also share them with friends.  


In communities such as ours, where Judaism is a minority religion and many customs are unfamiliar, the simple act of asking a neighbor or friend to join you for dinner, and your approach to a seder, could provide invaluable insight and friendship.  


As an extension of the learning and community aspects of the meal, please join us for a learning/teaching model seder which will be part of the FVJSchool programming on April 1st starting at 9:30am.  


While obviously not a ‘real’ seder in terms of timing or content, we hope that this model seder will inspire attendees to present their own seders in their homes over Passover, and to potentially think about whom they can help educate or welcome into their home along the way.  


FVJN is fortunate to have so many warm and welcoming members, and as we grow our own FVJN community, our family seders may well help to engage and enhance our community with others.     


A happy Passover (Pesach) to all,
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